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The Collegiate Choir sings at a performance

About Music At BJU

Bob Jones University was founded in 1927 as a Christian liberal arts institution with an emphasis on “educating youth in the essentials of culture and the arts and sciences.” Music was one of the first majors offered and continues to be vital to the University’s vision for empowering people to reach their highest potential for God’s glory.

In keeping with this heritage and mission, the Division of Music in the School of Fine Arts and Communication is a community of students and faculty committed to pursuing and sharing the beauty of God through musical excellence and redemptive artistry.

Our degree programs in music, music education, church ministries, pedagogy, composition, and performance are intentionally designed to give students both the skills and the vision to steward their gifts and callings for God’s glory and the good of others, impacting lives in communities of learning, worship, and creativity through the art of music.

The following goals for student learning outcomes and experiences flow from the University and Division mission: 

  1. Explore the structural, historical, philosophical, cross-cultural, aesthetic and performance aspects of music. 
  2. Be equipped to serve as educators, performers, advocates and leaders in churches, schools, community and professional organizations, and on the mission field. 
  3. Apply relevant skills, resources and technology.
  4. Articulate a distinctly Christian aesthetic rooted in a biblical worldview. 
  5. Experience opportunities for cultural enrichment in accordance with the University’s charter and heritage. 

Musical opportunities abound at BJU for all students, regardless of academic major. Studies in voice, keyboard, guitar, and orchestral instruments are available to students from beginner to advanced. And participation in our bands, choirs, orchestras, and chamber ensembles offer transformative encounters with musical excellence in a supportive community, cultivating disciplines of collaboration, creativity, and appreciation that last a lifetime.