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Symphonic Wind Band

Seating Auditions for Symphonic Wind Band

Note: Music admission and scholarship auditions are held separately from ensemble seating auditions.

Initial Placement Audition (for acceptance into the ensemble)

Any student who has not previously been a member of the Symphonic Wind Band will need to take a placement audition to determine acceptance into the ensemble.

Woodwind, brass, and percussion musicians will audition at the times and locations printed in the Welcome Week booklet which will be in your check-in packet. All auditions take place in the Gustafson Fine Arts Center and will consist of a sampling from the following: 

  • Chromatic scale, ascending and descending, from the lowest note of the instrument through the top of your range
  • Selected scales from the following: Concert G, C, F, B♭, E♭, A♭, D♭
  • A prepared piece (solo, etude, honor band audition piece, etc.) of your choice. No pianist is needed.
  • Sight reading

Once you have been accepted in the Wind Band, you will attend the first rehearsal and receive further instructions about seating auditions.

Seating Audition Excerpts (for seating order within ensemble once accepted)

Seating auditions are held on the first Thursday of classes. Locations and times will be communicated at the first rehearsal.

Woodwind, brass, and percussion musicians desiring to be considered for University Symphony Orchestra should indicate this on the appropriate form at the time of audition.